Technicians Prepared to Encounter Birds … and Bears

By August 1, 2012Science

Our Wyoming field crew met for midseason training to familiarize themselves with high-elevation plants and birds before they conducted avian surveys in June and July in forests of spruce, fir and Lodgepole Pine and in alpine tundra habitat above tree line. Most of these surveys occur in the western third of the state where technicians also must be aware of Grizzly Bears.

At the training Diane Probasco from the U.S. Forest Service gave the RMBO surveyors a bear safety presentation and the opportunity to discharge inert bear spray canisters. Following the training, the technicians dispersed across the state feeling prepared for whatever they would encounter – be it bear or bird. Field season recently ended with plenty of bird but no bear encounters reported.

Bear Spray

Matt Webb discharges inert bear spray during the Grizzly Bear safety presentation at training. Photo by Walt Wilson.

Devil's Tower

Two seasonal field technicians conduct bird surveys in Wyoming with Devil’s Tower in the background.

~ Nick VanLanen, Biologist