Bird Conservancy of the Rockies collaborates with partners to conserve birds of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains and the habitats they depend on – across their migratory range. The Bird Conservancy has been working internationally since the early 1990s. We officially launched our international program in 2005 to build a permanent bridge for bird conservation throughout the Americas.

Mexico is particularly important for many western migrants as more species overwinter here than in any other country. Mexico is also a mega-diverse country, one of 12 in the world that together host 60-70% of the world’s biodiversity. Thus, Mexico is a natural focus for our international efforts.

Through cooperative partnerships and innovative projects, the Bird Conservancy is helping to establish a foundation for bird and habitat conservation in Mexico and other Latin American countries at local, regional and national scales. We work with state and federal agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations and local communities to build capacity, knowledge and support for the conservation of ecosystems important to migratory and resident birds.

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