Private landowners and agricultural producers (i.e., farmers and ranchers) play a critical role in providing habitat for birds and other wildlife, as well as food and fiber for people.

At Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, we believe healthy wildlife habitat and healthy human communities can more than just co-exist – they can thrive with proper management and stewardship. Our biologists and rangeland ecologists work alongside private landowners, land managers and resource professionals in local communities to build trust and foster proactive, voluntary conservation efforts.

It’s a win-win for birds and people. A diversity of wildlife habitats are improved to contribute to populations of songbirds, grouse, waterbirds and other wildlife, while farms and ranches remain working lands that support families, communities and a rural way of life.

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Recent Blog Posts about our Land Stewardship efforts

April 17, 2024 in Land Stewardship, Stewardship

Every Drop Counts

In Colorado’s San Luis Valley (SLV), every drop of water is spoken for. Agencies across the state track streamflow, snowpack, irrigation water delivery, and water rights violations. Water in the west is “use or lose it”: if irrigators aren’t ready when water reaches their property, they can’t take it and store it until they are ready; they have to let it keep flowing to the next person.

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January 17, 2024 in Land Stewardship, Stewardship

Rebuilding Wildlife Habitat

With our Stewardship Team spread out through six different states it can be difficult to see the work that is being completed in person. Reports are important and provide the technical necessities of a project, but getting out with the biologist, on the ranch they are working on and seeing it come to life connects us.

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November 8, 2023 in Stewardship

To Tree or Not to Tree…

Should trees be planted everywhere? In this blog our Program Manager for the Northern Great Plains, Angela, discusses the past, present and future of trees planted in a grassland ecosystem. When the right trees are planted in the right places, everything is great!

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