Tools for Landowners

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies offers a variety of tools to help private landowners, land managers and resource professionals conserve birds and other wildlife on their land.

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Stock Tank Ladders

Research from the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, universities and others shows that wildlife escape ladders are an effective way to reduce the threat of birds drowning in stock tanks. Bird Conservancy has developed a ladder that meets the requirements for NRCS Standard 614 Watering Facility, which requires the installation of a wildlife escape ladder in these facilities. Download the stock tank ladder design, or contact us for assistance in acquiring wildlife escape ladders.

Fences and Fence Markers

Fences protect and confine livestock and assure rangeland plants have adequate grazing and rest. They are an integral tool in well-designed grazing plans, but can restrict the movement of wildlife or even cause wildlife fatalities. Bird Conservancy can guide landowners in assessing the placement of fences and their potential impact on wildlife. In addition, we can help acquire and install fence markers that help reduce the threat of collisions for prairie-chickens, sage-grouse and other birds with fences.

Workshops, Field Days and Presentations

Bird Conservancy works with partners to host events where people can share ideas, network and see results of successful habitat enhancement projects and sustainable management practices. These workshops and field days typically consist of classroom-style presentations and on-the ground “how-to” sessions at project sites. Our Wildlife Habitat Biologists periodically provide presentations at grazing association meetings, county fairs, bird-group meetings and other venues. Topics include:

  • Bird identification and habitat needs
  • Management options for land managers
  • Funding sources for habitat enhancement projects
  • Methods for achieving economic diversification on private property

Landowners Visits

Our Private Lands Wildlife Biologists work one-on-one with farmers and ranchers to discuss ways to integrate the management of birds and other wildlife into their operations. Contact a Wildlife Habitat Biologists from our Stewardship team for more information regarding:

  • Resources for identifying and surveying birds on their land
  • Learning more about the wildlife habitat potential of their property
  • Finding out what habitat enhancement projects may work well with their production management goals

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