“My experience on the MSO project was the main reason I was able to get my next internship with the wolf program. It gave me the opportunity to not only learn how to conduct surveys and collect accurate scientific data, but how to navigate in the backwoods and learn to work in all types of terrain and settings. It was the best start to my future career that I could’ve possibly hoped for.”

Olyvia ChildressMexican Spotted Owl Monitoring Program

"My experience as a Bird Conservancy intern was truly an eye-opening experience. Not only did I learn a lot about birds, but a lot about myself. This internship made me realize how much I love birds, and that it is possible to find a career that focuses on helping these beautiful creatures."

Heather HillNorthern Great Plains Avian Conservation


Our internship program is designed to offer a taste of the many ways you can build a career in bird conservation. We offer internships that focus on everything from banding birds, to environmental education, avian research and monitoring. Interns can expect lots of hands-on experience and opportunities to grow as budding biologists, educators and natural resource professionals. We can also work with universities and colleges to offer internships for course credits. Click the internship project descriptions below for more information about each opportunity.

Mexican Spotted Owl Monitoring Program

Arizona and New Mexico

For general information, contact us via e-mail.

Mexican Spotted Owl intern collecting data. Photo: Wendy Lanier

Seasonal Intern – Mexican Spotted Owl Monitoring
The internship is ideal for individuals who have a strong passion for wildlife biology but are looking to gain field experience. Interns will work alongside experienced field biologists to conduct nighttime surveys for Mexican Spotted Owls in National Forests across Arizona and New Mexico. Interns will gain experience conducting playback surveys, hone field skills (e.g. backcountry camping, navigation, etc.), and learn about owl ecology, study design, and occupancy monitoring. Check back soon to download a complete position description and application instructions.