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Volunteer Open House & Project Day

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Are you interested in learning more about Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and completing some meaningful volunteer work? Bird Conservancy will be hosting a Volunteer Open House & Project Day on Friday, March 19th from 9-12pm. You can sign up as an individual or as a small group to come learn about the work we do, learn about available volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved, and complete meaningful projects at our Environmental Learning Center!

Projects include a prairie clean-up, turf management, trail management, weeding, Old Stone House maintenance, and more!

Groups will be socially distanced and masks will be required. All projects will be outdoors.

Registration is required: https://forms.gle/6BX96hqCsyrR8Dg9A

Questions? Please let me know! Email Kelsey Mazur, Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected]

Living with Bald Eagles Webinar!

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Are you interested in learning all about Bald Eagles? In this webinar, we will learn all about Bald Eagles, their lives and life cycles, and how those living nearby can help them flourish! We will also discuss what Colorado is doing to support these amazing creatures!

There is a $3 program fee to attend this webinar.

In order to provide equitable access to all, complimentary tickets are available at no cost to the participant thanks to support from generous donors.

Registration is required: https://bird-conservancy-of-the-rockies.networkforgood.com/events/28004-living-with-bald-eagles

Birds in Crisis

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Since 1970, less than a single lifetime, North America has lost more than one in four of its birds, according to a report in the world’s leading scientific journal. New findings just published in the journal Science confirm staggering losses among birds. Based on nearly 50 years of data, this research for the first time quantifies a long-developing but overlooked ecological crisis.

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A Community’s Passion for Mountain Plovers, Conservation and Agriculture

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Every year, the community of Karval in eastern Colorado comes together to celebrate the return of Mountain Plover to their fields, inviting birders from around the world to join in the moment and experience local hospitality and culture. Bird Conservancy’s Ryan Parker shares an update about this year’s Mountain Plover Festival (April 26-28, 2019) and the exciting things they have planned.

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Water is Life

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Water is vital to support people, agriculture and wildlife—and it’s in short supply across the West. Private landowners, conservation organizations, corporations and government agencies are coming together to find solutions in Colorado’s South Platte Basin.

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Breaking New Ground for Burrowing Owls

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As our population grows, so does the footprint for housing, commercial businesses, and food production. Habitat loss is having a big impact on grassland and prairie birds, and private lands are critical to that story. Bird Conservancy is working with diverse partners, including land developers, to lighten our environmental impact and deploy innovative techniques to conserve iconic birds like the Burrowing Owl.

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