Connecting people, birds and land

Mission: conserving birds and their habitats through science, education and land stewardship

Our Mission & Vision

We believe the world needs birds.  

Our mission at Bird Conservancy of the Rockies is the conservation of birds and their habitats through an integrated approach of science, education and land stewardship. We envision a future where birds are forever abundant, contributing to healthy landscapes and inspiring human curiosity and love of nature.  Our work radiates from the Rockies to the Great Plains, Mexico and beyond. Our efforts are advanced by sound science, achieved through empowering people, realized through stewardship and sustained through partnerships. Together, we are improving native bird populations, the land and the lives of people.


Bird Conservancy’s Strategic Plan outlines five major goals to help accomplish our mission:

  • Leverage biological and social information
  • Engage diverse communities
  • Build connected and resilient landscapes
  • Catalyze and engage in collaborative initiatives
  • Create a resilient organization

Visit our Strategic Plan page to learn more about the supporting strategies, tactics and outcomes guiding our bird protection and conservation work throughout the Rockies, Great Plains and beyond.

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Photo Credit:
José Hugo Martínez Guerrero