Give a Valentine to Our Avian Amigos

By February 10, 2014Bird-friendly Living, Partners

They work their little feathers to the bone reducing insect populations in our yards. They wake us with gentle melodies each morning. They entertain us with their aerobatic antics daily. They open our children’s eyes to the wonders of nature. They enrich our lives in so many ways. They are our backyard birds.

House Finch

House Finch by John Carr

While our yards are wearing the bleak colors of winter, our avian amigos bring color and song to our naturescape. They are the flowers of our winter garden. Why not reward them with an easy morning breakfast and a full stomach at bedtime to weather cold winter nights?

Adding food, water, shelter and nesting places for the birds can help you enjoy the wonders of winged wildlife in your yard. Providing the right food can encourage birds to choose your yard as a primary feeding area. Look for birdseed blends designed for Colorado birds, like No Mess Blend, to attract the greatest variety of birds without messy filler seeds. Big box store birdseed is so full of waste that it ends up accumulating and creating an unhealthy situation under the feeder, and grows unwanted weeds.

Put suet out for insect-eating birds. Have an open source of water for birds to use when all else may be frozen. Birdbath deicers and heated birdbaths can make this easy and fun. Have thick plantings for birds to roost in as a windbreak. Plant the right bushes for birds to get the best and most attractive varieties. Nesting boxes or bird houses are selected by birds in February and March, so now is the time to add them to your yard. Clean out last season’s nesting material from already existing houses.

Make your yard more pleasing for your Valentine by adding the beauty of nature and simultaneously give a Valentine to the birds.

For ideas on how to help them survive the winter months, stop in or call your certified bird-feeding specialists at Wild Birds Unlimited and see how easy it is to bring a whole new world of entertainment to your backyard. Happy birding! For plenty of friendly, free advice on attracting the most beautiful birds in the world, call 303-467-2644.

~ David Menough, Owner of Wild Birds Unlimited of Arvada

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