Folks Gather in Memory of a Dear Friend

By April 9, 2014Event
Jim Duggan

The late Jim Duggan by Chuck Hundertmark

Sun and spring birdsong greeted 50 of Jim Duggan’s friends on Saturday, April 6. We had gathered at RMBO’s Old Stone House to dedicate a bench in honor of Jim, an extraordinary friend and birder who passed away in November of 2013. As visitors rest on Jim’s bench in the shade of cottonwoods, they will be able to enjoy the many birds flocking to RMBO’s feeders.

Jim was a beloved Friend of Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, and his dying gift was to bequeath his estate to RMBO for the conservation of birds and their habitats. While Jim’s infectious smile is a memory, his legacy will grow, giving RMBO wings to fly farther and longer than ever before. We hope and pray that Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory will continue to prosper in such a way that Jim’s spirit will always feel at home there.


Some of Jim Duggan’s friends gather around his bench in the backyard of the Old Stone House.


Jim was a fabulous birder. Friends view pictures and mementos from Jim.


Jim Duggan was indeed a great friend to birds and to birders.

Thank you to Norm Lewis, Paul Slingsby, Nina Routh and others for organizing the dedication. We will miss you, Jim, but your legacy will live on.

~ Larry Modesitt, RMBO Board Chairman