Bird Camps Go Virtual

By May 13, 2020Education

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

Summer camp.

It’s a magical place where kids can go to be themselves, learn, grow, make lasting friendships, and be safe. This summer, camps all around the country are grappling with the decision to open, open late with a small capacity, hold virtual camps, a combination things, or close their doors for the summer.

In my 15 seasons of working in the summer camp profession, we have dealt with H1N1, strep throat, broken bones, homesickness, and whatever other issues arise—but this summer the COVID-19 virus is really making us rethink what camp can look like. Our Bird Camps are rising to the occasion! They will not look like they have in years past, but we are still committed to connecting kids with nature, and are rolling out exciting opportunities to engage in interactive virtual summer programs.

Our virtual summer programs will be for campers ages 4-17, with options such as “virtual campfires” for participants to connect and hang out, to our very own “speaker series” for our older campers who are interested in going into conservation, biology, and ornithology. There, they will get the chance to meet and interact with professionals in these fields and learn more about their career interests. We will still be able to watch birds, hone our observational skills, sing songs, and make crafts and work together to learn new skills. When it is safe to do so, following safety and health guidelines, we will slowly add small individual family program in-person opportunities where attendees can explore Barr Lake by foot, bike and canoe, and find our feathered friends in their habitats! 

Virtual camp will happen, laughter will be heard, campers will learn, birds will still fly in the summer breeze, friendships will be made, and summer will happen. Will it look different this season? Yes. Nevertheless, we are here for our campers and their families, and will continue to offer engaging and fun programs. Check out our offerings by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

We hope to see you, albeit in a virtual way, this summer! 

Stacey Monahan
Camp & Family Programs Coordinator
(303) 659-4348 x18