Quick Frozen Critters, Squirrel Fingers & Edible Animal Scat?

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A Red-tailed Hawk is circling as it hunts for its prey. The rabbit pauses in its quest for food sensing danger. It freezes. Then quickly darts for cover. The fierce raptor makes a stealthy move towards its intended target. The rabbit flees quickly for the safety of its shelter and narrowly escapes the outstretched talons of the hawk. The rabbit is safe for now. The hawk will continue its hunt in hopes of catching a different rabbit, and its next tasty meal. 

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Every Drop Counts

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In Colorado’s San Luis Valley (SLV), every drop of water is spoken for. Agencies across the state track streamflow, snowpack, irrigation water delivery, and water rights violations. Water in the west is “use or lose it”: if irrigators aren’t ready when water reaches their property, they can’t take it and store it until they are ready; they have to let it keep flowing to the next person.

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Working to Understand Avian Communities

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My journey toward a love for birds began in Central America during my Peace Corps years in Guatemala. Working as a volunteer, I was tasked with cataloging all bird species in a newly designated wildlife refuge and sprawling freshwater lowland jungle called Bocas Del Polochic. Working with local rangers hired to protect the refuge, we roamed the area via dugout canoe documenting the vast assemblage of different bird species.

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