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Celebrating the Third Annual Bird Conservancy BioBlitz

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A BioBlitz brings together community members, students, naturalists, and scientists to find and identify as many birds, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals and other organisms as possible in a short period of time. The result is a snapshot of the biodiversity of a specific place. Bird Conservancy has been hosting a BioBlitz at Barr Lake for the past three years, and this year’s event was a resounding success! The Barr Lake BioBlitz is a great way for people of all ages to learn about the world around them, personally contribute to the biodiversity data for Barr Lake, and connect with fellow nature lovers. This year over 68 attendees and ten volunteer survey leaders recorded 70+ species of plants and animals! No matter our level of expertise, we all saw new species and learned new ways to find and identify them, and had a great time exploring this local biodiversity hotspot. The BioBlitz provided a great opportunity to advance our mission, immersing children and adults in nature and fostering stewardship values across generations. We had a wonderful time!

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