Across North America, bird populations are declining at alarming and unsustainable rates.

Some grassland bird species have lost as much as 95% of their population since 1970, and we are working hard to reverse those trends. Many birds are migratory in nature, so research and conservation efforts must address the entire annual cycle of a bird’s life—on breeding and wintering grounds and across the places in-between, including international borders.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe the world needs birds.  

We envision a future where birds are forever abundant, contributing to healthy landscapes and inspiring human curiosity and love of nature. Our mission is to conserve birds and their habitats through an integrated approach of science, education and land stewardship. Our work radiates from the Rockies to the Great Plains, Mexico and beyond.

Achieving Our Vision

Our strategic plan provides a roadmap to delivering the following outcomes:

  • Generate and share cutting edge scientific data to advance knowledge and inform effective bird conservation
  • Immerse children and adults in nature and foster stewardship values across generations
  • Enhance, restore and conserve bird habitat and improve overall landscape health working in partnership with others
  • Ensure a thriving conservancy for the 21st Century and beyond.

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Generate and disseminate knowledge of bird populations

  • Expand Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions program to understand bird distribution and population sizes at various scales in order to facilitate conservation at local and national levels
  • Publish the latest scientific findings in peer-reviewed and popular literature
  • Increase access, user-friendliness and application of data for decision-makers

Identify limiting factors that cause population declines

  • Interpret long-term trends to provide a scientific foundation for conservation action impacting multiple species
  • Deepen our expertise with grassland species through research on the biological factors limiting populations across the annual cycle of grassland birds
  • Identify solutions to address population declines for grassland birds across their annual cycle

Integrate scientific data into management and conservation

  • Provide rigorous research and monitoring that meets diverse stakeholder goals and needs
  • Focus science and stewardship programs on priority species and habitats most in need of conservation
  • Work with partners to evaluate, adjust and integrate science-based bird conservation into their conservation strategies, actions, and long-term planning


Build broader support for bird conservation

  • Actively engage the diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic populace of our region to raise awareness and participation in bird conservation
  • Elevate birds as a priority for conservation in the publicarena
  • Provide workshops, resources and other tools that promote and enable healthy wildlife and human communities

Raise the next generation of leaders, decision-makers and scientists

  • Educate people of all ages through active, experiential nature-based programs
  • Raise the next generation of bird conservation champions through internships, leadership programs, field training and career modeling
  • Build skills and confidence among young people through hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM)

Increase participation in and exposure to bird conservation science

  • Operate a network of bird banding stations that enable the public to see wild birds up close and experience science in action
  • Build our team of dedicated, trained volunteers to engage people of all ages in science and nature
  • Expand and build sustainable, engaging citizen science initiatives that contribute to our knowledge and understanding of birds


Develop and cultivate a culture of land stewardship

  • Raise awareness of bird and habitat conservation needs on private and public lands
  • Share positive conservation outcomes and inform people about the economic and environmental benefits of enhanced stewardship practices
  • Cultivate and maintain long-term partnerships with landowners to understand and support motivations that lead to conservation action

Deliver bird conservation on private and public lands

  • Support a network of biologists working in partnership to help deliver habitat restoration and wildlife-friendly management practices in priority landscapes
  • Provide technical assistance to land managers and decision-makers about land-use planning that promotes and enables healthy communities
  • Promote good stewardship through voluntary, cooperative conservation that creates a network of private lands delivering win-win solutions for people and wildlife

Create and contribute to conservation coalitions, partnerships and plans

  • Be recognized as trusted thought leaders in the world of bird conservation
  • Invest in key partnerships with state and federal natural resource agencies, universities, and other NGOs to build synergy and consensus for bird conservation
  • Work across political and jurisdictional boundaries throughout the Americas to help advance conservation of birds’ full annual cycle


Create a sustainable and adaptive organizational model

  • Support collaborative and consistent work plans that align with strategic goals and objectives
  • Integrate funding strategies and processes to focus on priority programs and needs
  • Continually maximize efficiencies across all program and administrative teams
  • Ensure a culture that promotes diversity, innovation and organizational sustainability

Invest in our people

  • Attract, retain and develop excellent staff that meet organizational needs
  • Build a strategic, effective and highly engaged Board of Directors
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for Board, staff and volunteers to invest in their personal growth and build a lasting commitment to the organization

Build Bird Conservancy’s operating infrastructure

  • Modernize information technology infrastructure to meet organizational needs
  • Assure security safeguards for the expansive bird datasets we manage
  • Increase investment in the Environmental Learning Center at the Old Stone House as an inspiration point to nature and a base of operations for our organization

Diversify Bird Conservancy’s funding model

  • Diversify our funding, leveraging private and public dollars to advance bird conservation
  • Create opportunities for people to make bird conservation a part of their lasting legacy through planned giving
  • Institute an endowment to ensure ongoing support for critical programs

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For 30 years, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies has worked to conserve birds and their habitats across the breeding, wintering and migratory ranges of birds of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Private support is critical to addressing the great conservation challenges facing people, birds and land. We invite you to join our flock today and help kick off our next 30 years of bird conservation success!  You will be supporting the work of biologists, scientists and educators across the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Mexico and beyond.  Together, we can give a legacy of conservation to future generations!