Bird Conservancy of the Rockies thanks our 2023 Volunteers

Thank you to these community scientists, naturalists, bird banders and all volunteers who donated their time, energy and talents to help Bird Conservancy of the Rockies conserve birds and their habitats. In 2023, approximately 160 individuals generously volunteered over 9,300 hours in support of our mission.

"Bird Conservancy is a leverage point. I know when spending my most valuable asset (my time) with Bird Conservancy they will be good custodians and pay back compounded interest to our children, our community, and our country. The little ones of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. "

Taylor Copas, Bird Conservancy Volunteer

"I volunteer because it is incredibly important to me that children have the opportunity to love, connect and appreciate nature through birds."

Cynde Barnes, Bird Conservancy Volunteer

"I like volunteering at Bird Conservancy because I like being out in nature, and I like seeing the people at the programs get excited about things in nature and learning new things."

Diane White, Bird Conservancy Volunteer

2023 Volunteers

A heartfelt thank you to the following volunteers who regularly donated their valuable time in support of Bird Conservancy in 2023!

Abbott, Richard
Albright, Sarah
Alexander, James
Alexander, Jan
Antony, Ajit
Antony, Liza
Armbruster, Alyssa
Barela, Anne
Barnes, Cynde
Baron, Eleanor
Bartholomew, Nancy
Becker, Bonnie
Becker, Isaac
Becker, Troy
Bohn, Jennifer
Bollendonk, Lori
Boswell, Mary
Breda, Alyssa
Brown, Evert
Brown, Glenda
Burritt, Elaine
Buyck, Nicole
Campau, Dale
Carlson, Ardeth
Carson, Peyton
Case, Karen
Chapman, Kirstin
Chase, Charlie
Chavez, Hillary
Chung, Connie
Clark, Bob
Clement, Julie
Cohee, Anna
Cole, Allyson
Colpitts, Ann
Commercon, Joyce
Cooley, Kevin
Copas, Taylor
Corona, Eduardo
Courtney, Cheryl
Cronen Smith, Payson

Crowe, Clifford
Deru, Ren-Lee
Dickerson, Wesley
Doebler, Stephanie
Durivage, John
Erices, Paulina
Escamilla, Terry
Falgout, Rachael
Feldman, Donna
Fencl, Greg
Figueroa, Mendi
Flores, Dani
Fowler, Tori
Freihaut, Michael
Friedman, Christopher
Frost, Katherine
Fyfe, Matthew
Gerue, Jordan
Gilbert, Sara
Gillette, Cadi
Goldthwait, Katharine
Griffin, Valerie
Haddock, Jane
Haip, Renée
Hake, Tony
Hall, Jacob
Harris, Alice
Hazel, Alison
Hazel, August
Hendrick, Cliff
Hien, Jason
Hiskey, Suzy
Hossan, Carole
Hovland, Emma
How, Randall
Hutton, Diane
Hyink, Barbara
Ingram, Maren
Jackson, Heather
Jameel, Shea

Jones, Dale
Jones, Lindsay
Jones Patterson, Megan
Joswick, LeAnn
Kajiwara, Tom
Kantola, Angela
Knecht, Vicki
Kolesar, Joseph
Koss, John
Koss, Louise
LaBonde, Jerry
Laszczyk, Kara
Ludwigsen, Stephanie
Maczuzak, Jane
Madonna, Susan
Malenich, John
Manzella, Brynn
Martenson, Aaron
McDonald, Tami
McTighe, Katherine
Miller, Lucinda
Mojica, Libby
Morgan, Nancy
Morris, Jennie
Neumann, Becky
Nickolaus, David
Nigro, Christopher
O’Donnell, Dan
Pande, Pru
Patterson, Michael
Peterson, Ted
Phipps, Ty
Pickett, Seth
Pierz, Kathleen
Polkow, Marlena
Rabourn, Gary
Rahn, Nancee
Redfield, Ian
Redmond, Jennifer
Regal, Kelly
Rella, Courtney
Rogers, James

Romero, Ashley
Rose, Harry
Rosine, Susan
Schiraldi, Camille
Schleusener, Claire
Schwartze, Suzanne
Seel, Pete
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shenoy, Sachindev
Small, Jennifer
Smith, Sarah
Snode-Brenneman, Emily
Sobhani, Barbra
Staples, Lacey
Szydlo, Lin
Tokuyama, Eric
Tyler, Amber
Uyeda, Karen
Vanek, Lois
VanSandt, Courtney
Wallace, Dona
Webber, Joseph
Webber, Sheila
White, Cecilia
White, Diane
Wilde, Blythe
Wilde, Fianna
Williams, Julianna
Williams, Tom
Wolf, Madison
Woolsey, George
Wright, John
Yappert, Emil
Yeatts, Brooke
Young, Donna
Zinkl, Jan