Featured Friend, In Memoriam

Just Like Joe

Joe Roller, 1945-2020

Joe loved all birds, and he loved even more regaling others about them. He infectiously described how these dynamic flying marvels filled every habitat niche, survived, despite extreme hardships, and amazed us with their skills and beauty. Joe sprang into action when a human-caused prairie fire reduced the popular Last Chance migrant trap in eastern Colorado to charcoal rubble. He raised volunteers and funds, then supervised its restoration. Joe naturally identified with Bird Conservancy’s mission of conserving birds and their habitats. Both as a decade-long Board Member and as an “Avian Ambassador,” Joe enthusiastically converted others to become not just bird lovers, but also supporters and Friends of Bird Conservancy. We miss his knowledge, his stories, his jokes, his skills, his wisdom and his friendship.

~ Shared by Larry Modesitt

2021 Joe Roller Friend Challenge

In the spirit of Joe Roller, an avid birder, advocate and Friend of Bird Conservancy, can you invite others who might be able to join as a Friend of Bird Conservancy and help us reach 150 Friends? Just like Joe, you can help us grow our flock of supporters who value bird conservation. Click here to learn more about the 2021 Joe Roller Friend Challenge!

Our 2020 Supporters

Our Supporters

Thank you to the growing number of supporters of Bird Conservancy of the Rockies!

  • 554 new donors in 2020!
  • We grew from 590 active donors in 2019 to 1,072 in 2020.

Friends of Bird Conservancy of the Rockies give leadership support of $500 or more annually. Starting with a solid core of 23 Friends in 2010, the Friends program has grown to 139!  Generous gifts from Friends provide critical discretionary funds to help us achieve our mission, retain a talented team of staff and volunteers, and deliver programs that continue three decades of migratory milestones to help reverse avian declines. You helped make the successes listed in this annual report for people, birds and land a reality. Thank you for soaring with us now and into the future!  Can you stretch your wings and become a Friend in 2021?

Can you stretch your wings and become a Friend in 2020?
Contact us at (303) 659-4348 ext. 12
or by email to find out how you can become a Friend!

Last year, we held our first virtual fundraiser: 20/20 Eagle Vision & Beyond!  Over 225 attendees joined us for an informative and fun evening of games, presentations, and socializing to support birds. Thank you for helping us reach our fundraising goal!  Couldn’t attend the live event? Check it out online!

2020 Supporters

Thank you to all donors of every amount including those donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Your gifts make a difference! The lists published below include those who made cumulative gifts of $50 or greater in 2020.

$500 and above

Tom and Isabel Abbott
Peter Ampe
Jim and Jill Anderson
Anonymous (6)
Vince and Kathleen Auriemma
Sheila and Van Baker
Misi and Robert Ballard
Madeline Bannister
Melissa Barber and Frank Shea
John Barrow and Louise Chambers
Ronald Beane
Mary Beazley
Chuck and Nancy Bell
George Belsey
William Bevil
Birds & Beans Coffee
Mike Bloom
The Bobolink Foundation
Denise and Mark Bretting
Brighton Legacy Foundation
Dan Brooke and Cheryl J. Teuton
Dale Campau
David Charles and Katie Cattanach
JW Cobb and BH Cobb
Community First Foundation
Fort Collins Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Kevin Corwin
Brian Currie
The Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
Suzanne DeSaix
Eileen and Brian Dey
Martha Dick
Kathleen Doyle
Dave and Mary Driscoll
The Driscoll Foundation
Jennifer Durning
Merrilyn Parham
Estes Valley Land Trust
Lee and Linda Farrell
Doug and Elena Faulkner
Jack and Leslie Ferguson
Justin and Jill Fischer
Geoff Geupel


Mackenzie Goldthwait and Douglas Kibbe
Gregg Goodrich and Ann Troth
Peter and Yvonne Griffiths
Bill and JoAnn Hackos
Deborah Hagood
Alison and August Hazel
Donna Herrick
Kelli and Geoff Hirsch
Katherine Holland
Dick and Barb Holme
Knobloch Family Foundation
Charles Hundertmark and Marjorie Jannotta
Chuck Hunter
Barbara Jackson
Jackson H. Fenner Foundation
Brad Andres and Heather Johnson
K·COE Isom
Hugh and Urling Kingery
Nic and Mary Korte
Jennifer and Joel Lackey
Eric Lane
Brenda and Roger Linfield
Katrina Loewy
Harold R. and Ann M. Logan
The Lois Webster Fund of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver
Kathanne Lynch
Meredith McBurney
Pamela and Larry Meier
Cynthia Melcher
Larry Modesitt
Randy and Nancy Morgan
Deborah Mowery-Evans
New Belgium Brewing Company
Sherry and David Nickolaus
David Otis
Outpost Sunsport
Thomas Parchman
Pawnee Buttes Seed, Inc.
Greg Penkowsky
Point7 Group
Melinda Quiat


Rancho Largo Custom Beef, Grady and Lynda Grissom
Kathryn and Tim Ryan
Ricketts Conservation Foundation
Robert Righter
Roaring Fork Audubon Society
James Roller
Brandt Ryder
Paul and Bea Sauer
SCL Health, Platte Valley Medical Center
Share the View
Scott and Nancy Shaw
Sidney E. Frank Foundation-Colorado Fund
Howard and Connie Siebenrock
Randall Siebert and Glenda Brown
Samuel Simpson and Susan Neff
Susan SkagenPaul and Bea Slingsby
Garth and Sara Spellman
Judith Spiegel and Lawrence Wysocki
Stoldt Family
The Storied Brand
Jim and Kathleen Strickland
Jeff and Gail Strobel
Marleen Swalm
TBK Bank
Johnnie Moore and Lynn Tennefoss
Greg and Stephanie Thomas
Thornburg Foundation
United Power
Karen Uyeda and Doug Johnston
Tammy and Kurt VerCauteren
Jim Wallace and Jan Fargo
Ed Warner and Jackie Erickson
Tiffany and Chris Watts
Western Ecosystems Technology, Inc
Jack and Joan Whiting
Wild Birds Unlimited Fort Collins
Jim and Marilyn Wilson
Chris and Maryjane Wurth
Emil Yappert
Ramin and Karla Younessi
Young Americans Center for Financial Education
Robert and Barbara Youngberg
Karen and Richard Yust
Jon and Renee Zahourek

Our Flock of Supporters ($50 – $499)

Bonnie Adamson
Agilent Technologies Foundation
Vicki Aisner-Porter
Dr. Toby Alterman
Andrea Amato
Amazon Smile
Keith Anderson
Susan Anderson
Meredith Anderson
Linda Andes-Georges
Anonymous (36)
Ronald and Deborah Anthony
Alice Applebaum
Tudi Arneill
Sandra and Tore Arnesen
Donna Arnett
Margaret and Vincent Arp
Barbara Astuno
Mia Axon
Robert Backus
Larissa Bailey
Suzie Barbour
Cynde Barnes
Patrick and Vicky Barney
Betty Barton
Robert Beck and Kathleen Wells
Georgeann Becker
Nancy Ryan Beirne
Toby V. and Stephen Bell
Elizabeth Bennett
Frank and Carol Bennett
Drew and Carrie Bennett
Tim and Jackie Bennett
Joan Berg
Mary Ann Beverly
Ramesh & Suzanne Bhatt
Tim Black
Sondra Bland
Kevin Bliss
Kent and Cynthia
Bohemian Companies, LLC
Ann Bonnell
Laura Borja
Maggie Boswell
Boulder Bird Club
Susan L Bowles
Helen and Brewster Boyd
Mary Brisson
Kerry Brookman
Broomfield Birding Club
Richard and Jacqueline Bruggers
Philippe and Alice Bucher
Sylvia Budak
Diane Buell
Susan Burleigh
The Front Range Birding Company
Matt Byrd
Jonathan Byrne
Lynne and Gary Caletti
Bob Keller and K-Lynn Cameron
William Carney
Kathleen and David Carr
Deborah Carstensen
Tyler Cash
Mike and Stephanie Cash
Joel Chapa
Kirstin Chapman
Charles and Ida Wilson
Charles Chase
Emilia Chavez
Joseph Chen
Judith Friend and Nelson Chenkin
Jamie and Will Chesser
Bobbi Cipriano and Lu Callahan
Morris and Katy Clark
Patricia and Boyd Clark
Christina Clayton and Stanley Kolber
Deborah Clendenning
Marjorie Clinton
Carol Cochran
Matthew Cole
Joyce and Pascal Commercon
Dr. James and Mrs. Jeanette Commers
Confluent Design (Kevin Lyles)
Lauren Connell
Gary and Sally Conover
CW Coons
Hal Corbett and Katie Curtiss
Mary Corboy
Corner Post Meats
Geraldine Corrigan
Anne Craig
Richard and Antje Cripe
Doris Cruze
Barbara A. Cummings
Charles Curlee
Lisa Dahl and Lee Salem
Tanner and Benjamin Dahlman
Tim and Jane Davis
Madeline Day
Bradley & Julie
Joseph DeMoor
Leah and Jame Dempsey
Elinda Dennis
Jan Detrich

Nancy and Mike Diefenderfer
Steven Dike
Sharon Dooley
Christy Dowling
Sarah Doxon
Ruth Doxon
John Drummond
Timothy Dudley
Becky Dunbar
Linda Elkin
Tena and Fred Engelman
Emmanuel Ergas
Terry Escamilla
Anne Esson
Deb Feder
Jessica Feld
Cynthia Ferguson
Randolph Fischer
Steve and Nancy Fischer
Rebekah and Matthew Fisher
James and Irene
Erik Foster
Margaret Francia
Michael and Molly Frank
Mark and Katherine Fulford
Andrea and Ed Furlong
David Galinat
John and Nelda Gamble
Jody Gardiner
Sheila Gaston
Laurel George
Nancy George-Nichols
Seth and Holly Gerard
Rebecca Gershten
Galen Gibson
Jane and Thomas Gidlewski
Lisa Gills and Christopher
Betty Glass
Erik Glenn
Monica Glickman
Brian Glover
Merrill and Leslie Glustrom
Elise Goldstein
Wanda Gore
Gary and Debra Grabowski
Susan Graham
David Greene
Celia Greenman
Dana & Tiffin Griffin
Nancy Grimes
Dale Grosbach
Michael and Ann
Tracey and Eric Grovum
C&C Gulbransen
Ann and Jim Haggard
Deborah Hahn
Jeremy Hakes
Alan and Gini Hale
Susan Harris
Nancy Haseman
Connie Hauver
Reid and Debbie Hayhow
Grayson Heim
Judith Henderson
Raymond Hendrick
Allen & Judy Herder
Mindy Hetrick
Susan High
Diane Hildebrandt
Allison Hilf
David Hill
Robert and Patti Hill
Lyn Hills
Sue Ellen Hirshman
Anne Hizar
Sally and Jim Hodge
Graham and Chatherine Hollis
Duane Hope
Bill and Alec Hopping
Patrick Hub
Diane Hutton
Scott and Jan Hygnstrom
Barbara and Bruce Hyink
Kathy Imel
Salentha Isaacson
Jill Jakowich
Jennifer James
Lynn and Steve Jeffers
Thomas Jenkins
Nancy and Richard Johnson
Adam Johnson
Pat and Ed Joy
Jean and George Kachikis
Jennifer Kaiser
Jan Kardatzke
Paula Kaskie and Billy Helmich
Mary and William Keithler
Lisa Kerns
Noa Kessler-Hoeizel
Chris Ketterhgen
Michael Kiessig and Kacie Miller
Melanie and Don Kirk
Tim and Gwen Kittel
Ellen Klaver

Ellen Klaver
Susan Knight
Nicole Korfanta
Hod and Willa Kosman
Alan Kreikemeier and Nora Bensko
Shirley Krumpel
Ron and Ann Lambeth
Todd and Melissa Leasia
Diana Leiker
Robert and Jeanine Leisure
The Lemmers
David and Betty Levad
Karen Levad
Lois and Mark Levinson
Norman and Debbie Lewis
Jane Lingwood
Lisa Livingston
Michelle Loader
Linda Loftin
Martha Long
Mark and Cassie Lorie
Barb Lovick
Jane Low
Thomas Lundgren and Marjorie Morris-Lundgren
Cherie MacDonald
Debra Mallory
Donna Malmberg
Celia A. and Scott W. Manley
Amy Marcy
Scarlett Massine
Eileen Mast
Josette Mastra
Barbara Maynard
Lynn Mazur
Chuck and MB McAfee
Michael McAteer
Gina McClaine
David McCullough
Michelle McKim
Judy McLellan
Tara Menne
Nancy and John Merrill
Walter and Carol Messier
Karen Metz
Debby Miller
Lucinda and John Miller
Bill and Dana Milton
Richard and Laurel Morris
Scott Mosiman
Robert and Juanita Moston
Kathryn Mutz
Neil Myers
Suzanne Neuman
David Newman
Ed and Meg Nichols
Lori Nitzel
Lori Nixon
Patrick O’Driscoll
Linda Olson and Mike Serruto
David Opperman
Cheryl Orwig
Lana and Mark
Cory Palencia
Jean Parker
Becker Parkhurst-Stout
Barbara Patterson
Gregory Pavelka
Gordon Penley
Susan and David Peters
Erik Peters and Julie Horan
Carol Peterson
Jim Petri and Christie Owens
David and Shelley Petroy
Joann Pettinicchio
Deb Pfenninger
Carol Phelps
Kristen Philbrook
Gillian Phillips
Whitney Phinney
Cary Piecoup
Nathan Pieplow
Amy and Todd Plummer
Duane and Mary Pool
Lisa Powell
Prana Illumination
Paul and Deborah Price
Stephen and Suzy Price
Elaine Probasco
Randy and Susan Putnam
Rob Raker
Ricki Ravitts
Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Rea
James Reisert
Keith Rella
Megan Reschly
Terrell Rich
Chad and Carin Richardson
Jodie Riesenberger and Matt Reddy
Peter Robinson
Andrea Robinsong
Steven Roels
Mark Thorpe and Nina Rolle
Tom Roller
Harry Rose

Cecile Rose and Richard Bieser
Kenneth and Anne Rosenberg
Jeff Rowan
Kathryn Russell
Christopher Rustay
Janet M. Ruth and David J. Krueper
Duane Ruybal
Ernestina Ruybal
John Ruybal
Steve Ryder
Gail Ryder
Thomas and Sheryl Ryder
Jasmine Sanchez
Kate and Kyle Sandersen
John Sanderson
Lani Sargent
Aleksei Saunders
Melissa Schell
Jim and Karen Schmoker
Karleen Schofield
Carol and James Schott
Julie and John Schroeder
Nadia Schultz
Terri and Keith Schulz
Larry Seckman
Ashley and Michael Seymour
Walter Shade
Barb and Keith Shader
John Shenot
Larry Sherman
Laura Shimmin
Janet and Jerry Shin
Ross and Lyndabeth Silcock
Diane Sipe
Yvonne Slifka
Diane and Harold Smethills
Arthur Smith and Ann Gibson
Donna Smith
Gordon Smith
Myron and Marguerite Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Betty Snow
Laura Snyder
Steven Snyder
Rita Sommers
Silvia Rodriguez-Spehar and Richard Spehar
Bob Steeter
David Steingraeber
Jean and Steve Stevenson
James R. Steverson
Robert and Nancy Stocker
Nancy Strippel
Kenneth Strom
Karen Strong
Linden Stuart
Kenneth Sturrock
Douglas Swartz
Dean and Pattie Swift
Dean Swift
Martha-Ann Sylvester
Rebecca Teasdale
James and Lois Theilmann
Charles and Jennifer Thornton-Kolbe
Bryan Tointon
Candace Tomlinson
John Toolen
Rick and Adrienne Truex
Tuesday Birders
Harold and Debbie Tyber
Amber Tyler
Ute Creek Cattle Company
Jean Van Loan
Mel VerCauteren
Linda Vidal
Debbie Vischer
Margaret Von Kuegelgen
Jean Wagner
Sheila and Paul Walker
Sally Waterhouse
Bea Weaver
David Weber
Carol Wernet
Jannette Wesley
Gregory and Susan White
Gary and Elizabeth P. White
Anne Whitehurst
Katheryn Whitesides
Stephen Widhalm
Thomas Wilberding
Cheryl Wilcox
Lynn and Liz Willcockson
Lisa and Paul Williams
Thomas Williams
Cynthia Williamson
Noreen Walsh and Mark Willms
Donna Wood
Wood Warbler Coffee
Marvin and Hannah Woolf
Lloyd and Beverly Worth
William and Suzanne Wuerthele
Linda Yarger
Julie Zahniser
Stacy Wolff and Mike Zawaski
* In memoriam

Making a difference for birds beyond your lifetime

Your gift has the power to help conserve birds and their habitats – both now and in the future.

Have you included Bird Conservancy of the Rockies with a gift in your estate plan? If so, please let us know so you can become a member of the Golden Eagle Society. We would be honored to recognize your lasting legacy and faith in our mission.

Are your wings outstretched willing to make an estate gift, yet you haven’t been able to take flight on making that a reality? There are simple ways you can include Bird Conservancy of the Rockies in your estate plan that won’t affect your budget today and still ensure your loved ones and your feathered friends are cared for beyond your lifetime.

Bird Conservancy has the utmost respect for your privacy, and we will treat your wishes accordingly.

Click here to learn more about the Golden Eagle Society


John Barrow and Louise Chambers
Chuck and Nancy Bell
Kevin Bliss
Judith Friend and Nelson Chenkin
Victoria Collier*
Martha Dick
Deborah Hagood
Dick and Barb Holme
Kathanne Lynch
Meredith McBurney
Larry Modesitt
Jean Morgan
Randy and Nancy Morgan
Thomas Parchman
Robert Righter
Ed Warner and Jackie Erickson
* In memoriam

Beaters for Tweeters Logo & Link

2020 Beaters for Tweeters Donors

Matthew DeSaix
David Steingraeber
Ann Bonnell