Our Volunteers

Thank you to these community scientists, naturalists, bird banders, and other volunteers who donated their time and talents to help Bird Conservancy of the Rockies conserve birds and their habitats. In 2019, over 100 individuals generously volunteered over 9027 hours in support of our mission.

Volunteer of the Year: Fran Haas

2019’s Nelda Gamble Volunteer of the Year Award recipient was Fran Haas, pictured right with his wife Carol (center) and Education Director Sherry Nickolaus (far left). Fran has volunteered with our education programs since 2011. As an educator, Fran has inspired countless children through field trips, in-class programs, and educational events with his love of science and nature. His experience, passion, and love for teachable moments have connected students with the outdoors and inspired his peers.

Those who nominated him mentioned that his “unwavering commitment to educating the next generation of bird conservationists” and “enthusiasm for sharing his wealth of knowledge with students” has helped ensure “our youth is educated and can also grow a passion for birds and the outdoors!” By providing support to fellow volunteers and staff, Fran has been an integral part of the Education Volunteer Team, and always with an enthusiastic smile. Fran retired from volunteering with us at the end of 2018, and we truly miss his positive attitude and encouraging presence. Fran’s legacy continues to inspire others who work to foster a love for birds and nature.

To learn more about becoming a Bird Conservancy Volunteer, visit our Volunteer page or contact Kelsey Mazur, Program & Volunteer Coordinator at (303) 659-4348 x10 or by email.

2019 Volunteers

Baker, Gretchen
Baker, Sheila
Baltuch, Mitchell
Balunek, Emma
Barber, Sonja
Barnes, Cynde
Becker, Isaac
Becker, Troy
Berven, Christopher
Bohn, Jennifer
Boldenow, Megan
Boswell, Mary
Brown, Glenda
Burns, Gregory
Buyck, Nicole
Campau, Dale
Carr, Cairn
Carr, Page
Chang, Stephen
Chapman, Kirstin
Chase, Charlie
Chernicky, Kiley
Colpitts, Ann
Commercon, Joyce
Cormack, Catherine
Cummings, Dawn
Davila, Carlos
Delamont, Megan
Dempsey, Leah
Desrosiers, Michelle
Detrich, Jan
D’Oench, Holly
Elena, Bogomolova

Erices, Paulina
Erkenbeck, Zoe
Escamilla, Terry
Freedman, Jacob
Frost, Catherine
Frost, David
Frost, Kate
Gallup, Mary Lou
Goldthwait, Mackenzie
Grady, Suzanne
Greene, Marlena
Greulich Belmar, Melissa
Haddock, Jane
Haip, Renée
Hamilton, Lucas
Harris, Gwen
Haynes, John
Haynes, Mary
Hazel, Alison
Hazel, August
Hendrick, Cliff
Henry-Feeney, Jill
Hiskey, Suzy
Holden, Jill
Hutton, Diane
Hyink, Barbara
Irwin, Richard
Jackson, Heather
Jantz, Carrie
Jones Patterson, Megan
Jones, Dale
Kiessig, Michael

Malenich, John
Maynard, Barbara
McCarthy, Casey
Miller, Amy
Miller, Lucinda
Miller, Megan
Mitchell, Rashida
Mooney, Eileen
Morris, Elizabeth
Nickolaus, Cacie
Nickolaus, David
O’Keefe, Jennifer
Orwig, Cheri
Pheneger, Tracy
Purifoy, Lindsay
Ratico, Jennie
Remp, Julie
Roels, Steven
Roller, Laura
Snode-Brenneman, Emily
Stephenson, Torrey
Such, David
Tabares Erices, Santiago
Tauiliili, Alathea
Thompson, Jeff
Tyler, Amber
Uyeda, Karen
Vanek, Lois
White, Diane
Whitehurst, E. Anne
Williams, Tom
Yappert, Emil