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Bird Conservancy of the Rockies invites you to

share the joy of birds and birdwatching with our

Guide To Backyard Birds of the Front Range!


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Use it as a field guide while out enjoying local open spaces, natural areas, parks and backyards. Take it with you to the local nursery to stock up on bird-friendly native plants and be sure to stop by your local bird feeder and seed store too. Few handy resources provide a comprehensive plan for making backyards an oasis for birds.


The Guide’s high-quality photographs and
simple descriptions will help any bird lover
identify what they see, or wish to see, in
their backyard or elsewhere.”

-Alison Holloran, Executive Director
Audubon Rockies

The Guide is available online in Spanish & English as a FREE download by clicking the links below:

Guide to Backyard birds of the Front Range (English)
Guia de Aves de Jardin del Front Range (Espanol)


To obtain your very own personal copy of Guide to Backyard Birds of the Front Range please visit your local
Wild Birds Unlimited store in Denver, Arvada or Fort Collins.

You may also pick up a copy in the gift shop at Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

For bulk orders please see the chart below:

Pricing Chart

Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping. If your location is in the Denver or Fort Collins area, you may be eligible for hand delivery.

Orders and questions may be directed to [email protected] or by calling (970) 482-1707 x21


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*The 1st edition printing of Guide to Backyard Birds of the Front Range included two small errors which will be corrected in 2nd edition printing.